The Real Deal: A visual journey



Student ready!! Switching rooms was harder work that I thought it was going to be. Everything is almost in place…two days before kiddos! Stay Tuned for documentation of a classroom full of life and learning!


Morning NoteThis year, I have breakfast duty from 7:55am-8:15am. Students are welcomed into the building at 7:55 and choose between heading down to their classrooms or heading to the cafeteria for breakfast. Since I am not in my room, my kiddos sit along the hallway across from my room. I have started providing a morning note on the door that leads our discussion for our morning meeting. Kiddos read my note (they realized very quickly that the first few questions I ask during our morning meeting are related to the note), think about the contents and then read independently until I arrive from the cafeteria. I have loved using these good morning notes to jump-start out discussions.

While creativity and choice is incredibly important in the classroom and in learning, so is organization. The first few days are important for students to learn routines and organization expectations. Together, we set up our science notebooks for every activity. We all make sure each activity is dated and has the same title. For this particular activity, students needed to make observations and predictions about 6 different samples. I modeled on the smart board what the organizational structure should look like for the first sample, and then students continued the pattern with the remaining 5 samples!