Organization-The calm before the storm

Changing grade levels/configurations this year meant switching classrooms as well. And oh goodness was that a larger task than I anticipated!

Step 1: Clean out old room — get rid of what I don’t need and attempt to re-organize everything I do need!

Step 2: Move everything to new room! This step was a tricky yet important step. There were 3 of us moving rooms this year, Teacher A moved to Teacher B’s room, Teacher B moved to Teacher C’s room and Teacher C moved to Teacher A’s room. I did not want to bombard the room I was moving into, but needed to get out of my old room to make way for the new person coming in. Here was the aftermath of Step 2.

classroom m8

Step 3: Begin to organize and clear the tables! This step was a therapeutic step. I love to re-organize and make sure everything has a logical place to live! The longer I stared at this mess of “stuff” I became more overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Thankfully, I had my pseudo little sister (a former student who was the third child in her family I had the honor and pleasure of teaching, and whose mother works in the building) who is an organizing and purging queen there to help me! We made quick work (6 hours worth) of those piles of supplies!

Everything has a home!! My room had not been officially cleaned when we finished this process, so I had to keep some items in my closet until they could be “set up”. (My desk items, turn in baskets, absent and missing work station).

Step 4: Most teachers dream of having perfect bulletin boards, and then quickly begin to HATE putting them up. Especially if your room is set up in a way where you have to create you own boards, because they don’t technically exist. I had been in my first classroom for 5 years. First year teachers always have so much more patience for the aesthetics of a classroom, and I forgot how much patience I had then. I spent so many hours hanging my felt and borders my first year and they stayed in wonderful shape for all 5 years I was in room W2. I was able to re-use all my boarders and felt (SO WORTH THE INITIAL EXPENSE– going on year 6– I did turn it around so the side that was against the wall the first 5 years is now facing out) to make my new boards in W3, but I did not spend nearly as much time making them “perfectly level and straight”.


Classroom 2
This board will theoretically be science focused — we will have a Scientist of the week/month (depending on how many I find before August!). The Science Fusion program we use has a database of scientists and their bios. Majority of them are scientists of color and I am thrilled to be able share their lives and accomplishments with my kiddos!


Classroom 1
This board will theoretically be a math focused board — student work, unit of focus and important vocabulary. I am sure I will change my mind 10 more times before school starts though!





















As I mentioned in the yellow caption, I am sure I will change my mind on what these boards turn out to be, so you will have to check back in mid to late August to see what I decided on!

I don’t decorate my room TOO MUCH before the year starts. I like it to be a blank canvas for our learning to take place. The walls will soon be covered with anchor charts, examples of teamwork and collaboration and displays of academic growth and achievement. This also fulfills my husbands reminder to me that come October, half my supplies will be gone and another quarter of them will be in the wrong place, because that is what kids do!

Step 5: MAINTENANCE !!  One of my personal goals this year to NOT let that tornado of kids get the best of my half way through the fall! I am really hoping to keep everything organized ESPECIALLY MY DESK all year. I do REALLY good job of giving my desk a deep clean the day before a guest teacher comes, but I am making it a priority to do this daily to avoid the piles and organized chaos my desk can become! What organizing ideas and tips do you love to utilize to keep your classroom and desk organized when the year is in full swing?




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